April 13th, 2005


In Which I Enlist the Roleplayers Community To Help Me Plot The Big Finale...

As I've mentioned repeatedly in the last year or so, I've been running a big sprawling epic steampunk/fantasy game using Savage Worlds. Imagine some unholy combination of Final Fantasy (mainly 6-8), the Iron Kingdoms, Castle in the Sky, American Gods, a bit of Tekumel, and the classic big epic Joseph Cambel plot structure ala Star Wars, LotR, the Matrix, etc etc. Lots of high flying heroics, lost ancient stuffs, globetrotting adventure and all that. We've had big steam powered robots, undead mages, a doomsday device, romance, tragedy and pirates in airships.

It's been good times.

Now, the story is gearing towards it's end. I'd always planned on the story being finite, but things have developed and changed from the initial idea I had a year and a half ago. (Which is good, because it means the players have had an impact on the story, and because my initial idea was a blatant ripoff of the ending of American Gods.) We've had some player issues, and the game will likely end with fewer players than it began, but more on that later.

So now I'm plotting and planning for the last few sessions, and once again I'm tapping the communal brain power of this community. (Some of you may be thinking by now, "Jesus, doesn't this guy think up his own shit? How come he's always asking us?" Partly these posts help me codify my own thoughts just by writing everything out, partly they're fun, sometimes someone suggests something really, really awesome, and just maybe someone else gets a cool idea from the suggestions.)

So anyway, a brief rundown of the story so far and what I'd like to do for the end. None of my players are members of this community, but if any of you happen to stumble across this post, stop reading now ya bums!

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Gracias in advance.