April 12th, 2005

fatal attraction

Tabletop Creation...

I'm attempting the daunting task of creating a tabletop from scratch with a few friends. Three of the main obvious issues are (A) conflicting creative ideas (B) trying to be as original as possible (aka no blatantly ripping off very recognizable features of already existing tabletops) and (C) just trying to find the time to do it.

We've decided to try to rely on an expansive class system with numerous, customizable skills -- the only problem being classes divided amongst people and it seems I'm the only one who has gotten anything done D:

As for the main system, we decided it should be based around one die, and since Mr. D12 gets no lovvvve, and we believe interesting things can be done with it, we're going for that. I have already scribbled down a few systems, all of which are simple and easy to understand (a plus), but nothing that blows my mind (a big, fat minus).

So, with all this rambling, my question is, do you know of any pre-existing games that have used the D12 successfully? Have you ever created/know of a D12 system that you wouldn't mind sharing?

Also, any tips for group-creation of a tabletop? I'm sure many of you have at least attempted it before. Advice for pitfalls to avoid?


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[Name of PBEM game deleted] - The Untold Story

A comment someone made on one of my other posts brought back a number of memories of a PBEM game I used to be in. I've probably posted bits and pieces of this in other communities, but here's the whole story of my experience with a GM who probably would've been happier writing a novel, considering how we were essentially being forced to play out his meticulously-scripted story (the predetermined outcome of which was apparently much more important than anything we did) whether we wanted to or not.

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