April 6th, 2005

White Wolf Collection for sale

I know I have posted once before... this is cross posted. I am sorry if you get this more then once.

As I said before, I am selling my White Wolf collection to help with my college bills. All of my books are in mint condition. If you want to use a different form of postal service I am more then willing to work anything out with you. Please go take a look...

Here are the ebay listings:

Mage: The Ascension - Technocracy To Go
Technocracy Guide, Technocracy Toybox, Assembled 01

Vampire: The Masquerade Clan Books 12/13original prints

Laws of the Ascension and The Ascension Companion

Laws of the Wild and Laws of the Wild revised

Victorian Age of Vampire

Wraith: The Oblivion Hardback MINT Condition
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forgive a literary aside...

You know, there's always a lot of talk from both the inside and the outside about how roleplayers are misunderstood and roleplaying is misinterpreted. Perhaps that's a product of having a hobby that is a minority. William Butler Yeats, however, would have understood us:

‘I think all happiness depends on having the energy to assume the mask of some other self, that all joyous or creative life is a rebirth as something not oneself, something created in a moment and perpetually renewed in playing a game like that of a child where one loses the infinite pain of self-realisation, a grotesque or solemn painted face put on that one may hide from the terrors of judgment, an imaginative Saturnalia that makes one forget reality. Perhaps all the sins and energies of the world are but the world’s flight from an infinite blinding beam’ (from Journal, 1909).**

**Yeats, W.B., ed. Richard J. Finneran. The Yeats Reader, Revised Edition. Scribner Poetry: 2002, pp.357-8.
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