April 1st, 2005

Godot with Coffee


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Just a reminder;

LORECON is this weekend, Friday, April 1- Sunday, April 3.

So if you like ROLEPLAYING and live within driving distance of VERMONT, come to LORECON at the BEST WESTERN/WINDJAMMER conference center, SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vermont.

-Mike Johnson,
Bakuretsu Con Programming Director, Advertising Coordinator,
Lorecon Registration Staff, Advertising Designer, and GM.

chaos neutral troubles...

hey everyone. i'm looking for a little help in my dungeons and dragons campaign.

i'm playing a chaotic neutral cleric of kossuth. i've been rolep laying since i can remember but this is my first time playing a chaotic neutral character. i am used to playing characters of some type of good alignment.

i feel my character is swaying a little toward the good side. she is constantly healing party members and i find her looking out for their welfare too much. at for the chaotic part, i'm trying my best but i'm not exactly sure what i'm shooting for. i simply don't feel i'm chaotic enough.

my character just got cut in two by an orc and is awaiting resurrection. i figure this rebirth is the perfect time for my characters alignment to really come out. the party did shit to help raise my character and most of them are of good alignment. i'm thinking when she is raised her attitude will change as death brings out the best in us.

any suggestions on how i can play my alignment to it's fullest?