March 31st, 2005

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Inquiry about running games online

So, hopefully, this summer I will be moving to Japan for a few years. My role playing group, which is four hours away from me NOW, will then be seveal *time zones* away.

Now, we are in the middle of a year long Orpheus campaign, and we've already lost 2 players. Our group has perservered through power-players stopping the flow of the meta-plot and our own personal plots, and the loss of one of our core players to her moving away.

Anyway, my character has become important to our plot through no means of my own--my character's NPC wife became one of our main villians-turned-good guy. When I leave, we had thought that my character would become an NPC played by the GM, since we still have a LOT o plot to work through.

However, I don't really want to be left out, and the other players would like to keep me too. It has been suggested that maybe we make our game an internet based game, and meet via aim or something.

So, to any of you who RP online, any suggestions how we should go about the possibility of running an online game? Is it worth it? I hate to give up my game, but I will, if we can't agree on how to run it online or if it just doesn't work out.

Thoughts, comments, what others have done, all good. Lemme know what you have to say.

I know it's selfish to want to change the game for *me*, but I thought I'd try and explore every option for my group.

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Having to say "no" to a prospective player

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I'm starting up a tabletop game in a few months, and I've been approached by someone who wants to play. I'm leery of allowing hir to, though, for a number of reasons.
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Okay...I think all of the above makes a case for not allowing hir to play, but I don't know if sie'll see it that way. I'd rather not totally alienate hir, especially since I'm playing in another game with hir and sie's a close friend of two of my other players. Advice?

Library for Sale


I have been playing White Wolf's games for about 10 years now. I have decided to sell my library to help with my college tuition. I currently have over $5000 worth of books I will be placing on Ebay. I currently have several bundles up and will be placing more up on Monday and Tuesday night. Please if you are looking to expand your collection please give me a look. The books are all in Mint condition due to my obsesively protective nature. Also all bundles are being sold at about $5 a book.

Bundles currently for sale:

Rage Across New York, Eygpt, Russia, and Appalachia

Werewolf: the Apocalypse HARDBOOK and Source Books

Vampire: The Masquerade 2nd Edition - Core Rules, Storyteller Guide, Camarilla & Sabbat Guide
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