March 30th, 2005


I was at convention at weekend where Black Industries was demoing the new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.
One word summary: WOW

In the main it's a tidying up of the existing rules. Possible -ve: An action system has been introduced where you can take half/full actions in combat. This confused me as I wasn't what my attacks now relate to but I need to read that part in detail. Definite +ve: The magic system change. The more powerful a wizard you get the more chance you get of attracting the attention of Chaos god 'Lord of Change'

Anyone else seen this new edition and have any comments?

VESI looking for volunteers to run events at Gen Con

Visionary Entertainment Studio Inc. is looking for volunteers to run Everlasting Role-Playing Game events at Gen Con Indy, August  18th -21st 2005. Gen Con provides free tickets to those who run events for the
convention if they meet a certain number of hours. Visionary
Entertainment Studios will provide product prize support to those
running events on our behalf.

Deadline for registration of events is April 11th 2005

Please forward this message to any and all persons who would be interested.

For more information

Go to the VESI website


Visionary Entertainment would like to correct an early announcement concerning seeking volunteers looking to run events at Gen Con 2005.

Gen Con itself will not provide free passes how ever GM's who run events can earn money through tickets sold to play in those events.

To find out more visit