March 25th, 2005


The sillyness of an introductory post and an actual question of substance.

Silly Introduction:
Been gaming since I was four. Raised a gamer by my folks.
Played DnD for years, finally branched out into other games a few years ago.
Love Mage: The Sorcerer's Crusade, but none of my normal group wants to play it. But I survive. ^^

Relevant Question:
I'm running a Dark Ages: Vampire game set in Athens in 999. I'm wanting to get the proper scary type setting that WOD games are supposed to have. If anyone could give me some advice on how to do that, I'd appriciate it immensley (Or something spelled right :-P)

Thanks a bunch!
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Question about Shadowrun

Ok, my friend is going to be running a Shadowrun (Kind of Shadowrun 2.5, because he likes some rules from 3 and some from 2)game to try to get more into using certain rules(i.e. most of them), as some players in the group he currently GM's for are kinda rule-bend-until-it-almost-breaks-ers. His idea is that there is a gang in our area who is forcing us to pay them "protection" money, and the PCs are forming their own gang to take this one out, and fight in other turf wars. My concept is a hobo Elf who used to be a boxer, but lost his money to booze, girls, and gambling. The last thing he actually bought himself was a pain editor. He was going to get back into boxing to make back the money, but he developed a brain disorder(not caused by the bioware), and no one would sanction him, so to the streets he went.

Mind you, I have never made a Shadowrun character (Well, a good one) before, and I need help.I was going to get the core book, Seattle book, and another on .pdf from my GM earlier today, but he never showed at lunch. I know that we aren't going by the Priorities system, were going by points. Our GM is giving us 85 points to spend to create the character.

(Flavor Text: He lives in a dumpster, not a cardboard box. This also takes place in Seattle, but near the Barrens(if that makes sense, like I said, it's my second time playing and my first time attempting to work on a character on my own.))

Any and all help is appreciated ^_^
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