March 22nd, 2005

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What to do when players drop out

What should be done?

One player dropped out. Then after that another followed suit. Then from that two of us (myself included) expressed the same feelings about continuing playing (or in this case, not wanting to play anymore).

Have any of you gone through this?

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D&D Combat Bores Me

First off, this isn't a rant about how D20 blows and my favorite game is better than your favorite game and blah blah blah. This is me saying I don't enjoy combat in 3rd ed D&D. If you do, I'm not trying to insult you or say you suck or whatever. In fact, I'm asking for your help. There is however a lot of rambling and lot of me bitching about things I dislike in D&D, but that can't be helped.

And on to the show...

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Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

One more - Favorite Game To Read

Back in the day, I was a big White Wolf dork. Picked up almost all of the new books, even though I only used a handful during the game. I just enjoyed reading about the setting and it's history and secrets and characters. Yeah, I was one of those guys who picked up each new book to see what was happening next in the Metaplot. I bought Apocalypse despite the fact I wasn't running a Werewolf game just because it looked fun to read. (and it was)

These days, I'm running games that are mainly self contained or modular or whatever, but I've found myself getting sucked into the world of Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine.

I'm playing Warmachine, but the setting itself doesn't really matter during the game. But the world is so intriguing and cool and interesting that I've read pretty much everything they've put out for it. Despite the fact I'm not going to run an Iron Kingdoms roleplaying game anytime in the next year or two, I eagerly awaited the World Guide and have been reading it most every night. It's an awesome book.

Privateer Press have created my new favorite game to read. Can't wait for the new Warmachine book, not just for the cool Warmachine rules and stuff, but to find out what happens to Vlad and Caine and Haley and Stryker et al. Will Magnus invade Cygnar? Will Goreshade kill the Harbringer? The Warmachine world has become my new RPG soap opera.

So yeah, who else has a game you follow just to read? (As opposed to those of you who use every game book you buy or those of you who just buy a bunch of stuff then never read or play it.) What's so cool about it?


ok I have tried to understand how THACO works actually I once knew pretty well how it worked I know that what ever my THACO is that's what a 1st level character has to get to hit me ok well I'm lost because I have a pretty good THACO (0) but the bad guys always hit me...IT could also be because I think the GM is out to kill my character off anyway maybe someone can explain this THACO crap better or maybe point me in the right direction...
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The situation with my gaming group

First I want to thank all the responses, which I'll get to individually (but I think most of you are wanting more details so maybe I'll cover it here).

I have been gaming every week since 1998. The group I started with got to big, and I bowed out when I felt unwanted by the new DM who took over that group (2002).
I spent several months off from DnD but started my own group in 2003, which had stayed together until recently (with only an occassional change here or there, but a steady core of 4 players and myself).

When I was done with being the DM (I took the group to 12th level) one of the other players took over. I had my "I want to play a PC itch" so I did that. The turn then shifted 3 more times (to our now recent gestalt (from Unearthed Arcana) campaign) so most of the players have gotten a chance to DM if they wanted it.

One of the core players (and the 2nd DM of our group) sent the group and e-mail stating that he was not coming anymore. He didn't give his reasons why, but I don't think it's anything in game...perhaps bored with the game (or role-playing) overall.

The 2nd player to send an e-mail stated there were things in his life he was wanting to focus more of his time to, which personally I'm all for that.

Heck...we had one guy drop out about 6 months or so ago (I think...maybe longer) because his wife was giving birth to their first child.

Two of us that are left (myself and another player) have discussed our boredom with the game as well.

I'd love to continue playing, but I do need some time off as well. The other guy I'm not sure if he wants to play again but perhaps after a break he might.

Out of all of this, I've learned some of my mistakes when I was DMing by watching how the others handle things during them game and prepare themselves for the game. If I got another group going I would probably want to be the DM for sure.

So yeah...that's what's going on.

Perhaps it's time to call a break for now or something...


Just asking

Does anyone know of a game that has stats, or even a name, for one of those black powder bombs that look like a bowling ball with a fuse in it that anarchists and Bolsheviks used to toss around at captains of industry n' stuff?

It's nagging at me.