March 17th, 2005

Back in Black

indoors and amused

Fun with the Dewey Decimal System!

For all the gamers out there, here is the antimology of your hobbies, as deliniated by DDC 21

700 The Arts, Fine and Decorative Arts

790 Recreational preforming arts

793 Indoor Games and Amusements
.9 Other Indoor Amusements
.92 wargames (battle games)
See also 355.48 for military use of war games, 796.6 for outdoor wargames
.93 Adventure Games, Fantasy games, Including Dungeons & Dragons, Runequest.
Class here mystery games, role-playing games.

I'm glad we have our own number, but they date themselves badly, after all when was the last time anyone you know sat down for a game of "Runequest"?

Live action role-playing games (LARPs) would be classed 796 Athletic and Outdoor Sports and Games, .1 miscellanious games not provided for elsewhere. Video Games are 793.94.

Top Ten Reasons to Date a Gamer

10) We're good with our hands.
9) We can stay up late working on something complicated.
8) We don't mind shopping because how else can we buy new equipment.
7) We know when to be dramatic and when to be quiet after spending hours in turn-based RPGs.
6) We're good tacticians. We can mobilize a small army of elves or mobilize an evening out with mechanical efficiency.
5) We're thoughtful communicators, because we've learned the hard way that saying the wrong thing can get you killed in a dark tavern in ogre territory.
4) We know the value of friendship, because without that good group of allies, we never would've beaten Level 31.
3) We can be delicate, because maneuvering around a dangerous area requires grace and poise, as does handling precious, easily-scratched disks.
2) We're good at prioritizing, putting the important people first like we do with the more interesting/engaging games.
1) We know how to find, rescue, and safeguard a princess.

A friend of mine sent this to me, it really only applies to male gamers. Sorry ladies.