March 15th, 2005

  • frrom


Do any of you like text MUDs?

I have been playing at Nightmare LPMud (NM) for about 14 years now. The fun has never worn off, mainly because (for me) mudding is as much about socializing as anything else. The game has also evolved over the years as different peoples' creative input were put into it. On an amusingly side note, I first met my wife heike there. Not surprisingly, NM is set up with "good," "evil," and "neutral" characters. I have no preference on which one to play anymore, although I started out (way, way back when) with neutral ones. Over the years, I wound up playing evil characters more and more until I got bored and switched to mostly good ones. I guess it depends on the overall trend - if there are a majority of one kind of chars about, I will play the opposite. Once nice thing about online games is you can switch characters as the mood strikes you. :)

I also really like the ZMud client. I have been using it for many years, and will continue to for many more. Zugg redesigns the client roughly every year or two, all of which were free because I purchased a software license back in the day. I have had issues with some of the clients, of course, such as the inability to import alias/nicknames/triggers/paths/etc from older versions. It really should be backward compatible, because I don't like redoing so many personalized settings. Overall, though, it is easily the best $20 I ever spent on software.
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