March 14th, 2005

Unknown Armies LARP

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has had experiences of running/playing in Unknown Armies LARP games?
Some friends and are going to be starting one up and we have a brainstorming session so plot wise we are sorted but we've not looked at a system yet.

I have downloaded the Gnosis system off the Unknown-Armies website and have done a couple of google searches but I wondered if anyone had any suggestions about systems?

As far as magic goes we are looking at allowing 90% of the schools just ditching the ones that are plain silly or impossible to do in LARP games. No pornomancers or flesh-mages

And as far as avatars go, none to begin with but you can encounter them in game and possibly become one.
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So I don't really post here that often, but this came up in our game and I thought I'd share:

The current table top game I am is an evil game (we wanted to do something different). The setting is Forgotten Realms and we are traveling with a carravan from Thay going to set up the enclave in WaterDeep. Our group consists of a Tiefling Cleric of Beshaba, a Human Red Wizard, a Human Monk/Sorceror of Shar and a Human Druid of Talona.

We are in Eversult and due to many events wind up needing to make contact with the Cult of the Dragon. So the Druid, who speaks no Chondathon, decides to try and influtate them. How does he do it? Buys some fake dragon wings (like the fairy wings you see around halloween) put them on and walk up to the owner of the shop going: "Do you like dragons? I like dragons. Dragons are cool."

The DM was flabbergastted. The rest of us were just laughing. The DM ruled that the Druid caught the guy off guard that he told the Druid where to go, thinking that someone else (or the dragon) would mange to kill him.

Long story short, we wind up killing the dragon, taking its bones and now our Red Wizard has a pet skeleton dragon (she is a Necromancer).

Just thought I'd share. I still have teh feeling that this is one of those times that you'd have to be there for.