March 10th, 2005


That Wacky Camarilla

Hey all. I was reading Game Trade Magazine a few weeks ago, and there was an article about the Camarilla, White Wolf's fan club / worldwide LARP, and it got me thinking, is this something I want to get involved with?

Vampire LARPers are, by stereotype, really creepy and really punk-gothy. They get their teeth filed to pointiness, and they drink each other's blood, and they call each other by names like "Ravenblood of the Darkness". My friend Rob once joked that once he found out where his local Camarilla met, he'd get a bunch of us together, with NERF crossbows, and just crash their gaming session, shouting something to the effect of "Hunter the Reckoning on your asses, bitches!". But, now that I've played quite a bit of Vampire, and now that I'm getting to be gradually more and more of a LARPer... though the Cam says that many people play primarily online, on bulletin boards or chat rooms. Maybe that's more my speed.

I figure it's a fair to good way to meet new people, and to get involved in something bigger than work, home, work, home, pub quiz, work... but it costs money.

Even if I decide to join, I'm not sure if I'll do it for some time. I'm just kinda thinking about it, and wondering what you all think of it. Thanks.

Random thought...

I'm surprised no company has approached White Wolf with the idea of buying the lisencing (or however you spell that damn word) rights to the Old World of Darkness, to publish stuff in a The-End-Times-Never-Happened setting. With all the whiners going off about how the OWOD rocked and the NWOD suxors, I think it'd be a profitable endeavour.