March 4th, 2005

Question beginning new campaign

This being my first post I should first introduce myself: hi I'm cartwoman, a 24-year old Dutchie.

I'm starting a new D&D-group and I volunteered to be the DM. I know enough about the rules and stuff but i'm stuck at thinking of a first quest.
It's going to be a Dragonlance campaign and I have enough resources for when the party hits level 8, I don't have a good idea how to get the party members acquainted with each other the first session.
So does anyone have a good idea for a fist come-together-session? And any ideas what a good storyline would be for level 1 to 8?

ow and sorry if my phrases are bad, it's rather early and English is not my native language :)

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Original "White Box" D&D?

Does anyone have any good scans of the old, original 1976 "White Box" D&D booklets? I've seen a few scans floating around the net (via file-sharing, mostly DC++), but entire lines of text are missing, making it very difficult to get anything coherent out of them. I was introduced to D&D with 1st edition AD&D, but I want to try a serious "old school" game, plus I'm sort of interested in the history of the game.

I figure given the "White Box" is very, very out of print, that I'm not hurting anyone by looking for such a scan. I mean, if I pay $250 for a set on Ebay, I'm not benefiting the old TSR crowd at all. I'm not interested as a collector, I'm interested as a gamer, which is why I want just the rules. Even an all-text scan of the three booklets would be fine.

Anyone? Bueller?
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