February 16th, 2005



So, here's an idea that's been rolling around in my head lately. I originally thought of it appyling to LARP- and that's certainly where you would see this the most- but I think you could roll it over to gaming in general. Anyways:

There's one central problem to gaming. And I'm not talking about any of the typical things that spring to mind, mind you. All of those (min-maxing schmucks, psychopaths, monty hauling, and so on...) can usually, in my experience, be taken care of by a GM/DM/Storyteller/Grand Poo-bah/whatever who is not afraid to say: NO. As in: No, you may not play a 6th gen Bastet/Baali abomination with true faith. No, you may not play Elminster. And NO, I don't have to tell you why.

But I digress....

The problem with gaming is that whoever's in charge doesn't know how and/or when to end the story. To go out with a bang, instead of, you know, the other thing. Because as much as we all call it a game, the story is really the thing- otherwise, why wouldn't you just go play Diablo? Any story, by definition, has to have an ending. And I think this is perhaps more pronounced in the case of LARP, since most of them I've been to WANT to just drag on into perpetuity.

Not to mention, endings usually are the best time to do all the slam-bang, bullet time, widescreen action stuff.

The floor is now open...discuss.

ARIA Roleplaying (and my intro)

Hey all! I had a question, but first I guess I'll introduce myself, RPing-wise. I play primarily White Wolf's old World of Darkness - while the world itself is a little too dark, dirty, and gritty for my tastes, I really like the system. I played AD&D for the first time something like ten years ago; gave up on in two or three years later. I've toyed with 7th Sea, L5R, Deadlands, and quite a number of other systems... I do one-shot LARPs on rare occasions; I've never played in a Vampire LARP nor in an ongoing (longer than one weekend) game. In fact, more or less my only LARPing nowadays is at Intercon, in Chelmsford MA.

Anyway. I just picked up "ARIA Roleplaying" cuz it was relatively cheap, on the used book shelf, and, I think I remember it being fairly rare and/or OOP. Does anyone know anything much about the system? Do I need other books in order to play it? For those who have heard of it, played it, etc, what do you think of it? I don't think I'll be running it anytime soon, as I'm in the middle of running something else already, but the idea behind it - playing many different characters over the course of a nation's history, guiding key events for your society or country, not just for your own character - seems pretty cool. Thanks for your feedback etc.
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