February 13th, 2005

SlytherinDare (iconic_moon)

Random Question

My friend and I are thinking of starting a tabletop gaming circle and I'm curious how you find people to play in your area. Suggestions, advice, etc?

Alternatively, has anyone ever used either of the following programs for playing online tabletop sessions?
Screen Monkey 1.0 or WebRPG?

Another question is anyone familiar with Shadowrun and know where one could find some free Senarios to run with the system? Ones that don't require someone to have fifty bazillion books in order to understand what is happening or how to deal with the senarios?
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hello all

hello all, my name is mike and i have been a gamer for about ten years. my favorite game is earthdawn, i love the story of it. i have been in a dry spell of gaming lately, but am always up for a conversation about gaming. so please let me in and thank you.
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