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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
9:15a - about online RP (relating to an earlier response - possible rant warning)
In posting this, let me first set forth that I love RPing online, and actively do so. Keep that in mind while you read my post. That is, if you care to read it at all. I hope this doesn't come off as a rant - if it does, ah well. It wasn't what I was after but I'm a big boy and can cope with it. This post does, however, contain some thoughts that people new to online RP will hopefully benefit from (and I know a number of old hands that would... ouch).

One of the major problems with online play of any sort is that many people have a harder time leaving game when the session is over, because in many ways it never is. Therefore many people's whole life is the game, and they tend to get way over-dramatic OOCly about stuff that happens in game. Be wary of that, and be ready to take a breather if you need it. Fresh air, food and actual human interaction can do wonders. And yes the big yellow light in the blue cieling is pretty.

semi-random blather-point: many many players'll hate me for saying it (I know a lot that do because I already have in the past... gotta love ol' New Bremen), but I am one of those players who believes an absolute IC/OOC barrier must exist. A player's character must not be him/herself with a different name. IE taking anything that happens to the character personally or planning stuff specifically for OOC rather than IC reasons is simply not acceptible to me. You are not your character and nobody else is their character either. If at any time we lose that perspective, it's time to walk away for a while, take a breath, get the fact it's a game not our actual life in perspective and maybe if we're capable of being mature enough, returning later.

Nothing that happens purely in-game has the slightest relevance to real life. Nothing. Ever. When OOC gets involved in IC, things get very ugly, very fast, and the narrative (there's that word again) gets ruined in a stream of bad feelings or players jostling for advantage when it should be the characters doing so while the players can still hang out and be friends when it's all over. Ah, the horror of metagaming in all its hideousness. Needless to say, using knowledge the player has but the character doesn't... is heinous and deserves to be seriously punished by the dice-gods too.

Some of my best RP pals online have played characters that were avowed enemies of mine. we'd have separate windows open chilling and talking about music, movies or the game itself while our characters were snarling at one another IC, and we didn't miss a beat. Heck, we'd even joke about how fun it was having characters that hated each other.

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8:27p - On PBEM adjuncts to chat gaming.
I've been running a small group in a Warhammer: Dark Fantasy (a game I'm working on set in a Warhammer world much closer to the original material than it is the newer, and using a modified white wolf Dark Ages ruleset) online over AIM and other places as convenient, and I am thinking on adding a PBEM-type aspect to it so folks that can't catch me online so easily can be involved and can keep up on happenings so they can chat with others without my supervision.

I'm thinking aobut doing it over Y! groups as I'm familiar with them and have used them before, but was also considering it as a LJ community. What would folks more experienced in using those two media for RP say are the comparative strengths and weakensses of each approach?

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