January 28th, 2005


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Mkay folks. Figured I'd introduce myself, since I decided to join your Community. I'm Llesnouh, avid DnD v.3.5er, Shadowrunner (though I'm still pretty much the novice there) and RIFTer (also a novice). And I'm gonna open up with a coupla things I'm tossing around for my campaign world.

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The Forces of Power were designed to represent the extremes of the alignment axis, physically represented on my campaign world. They don't take much action on their own, and go generally un-noticed, but each one resides in a Kingdom, somewhere, having been drawn by the general Good/Evil, or Chaos/Law in the Kingdom.

The Primeval Elementals are like the Forces of Power, in that they represent a physical form of a force of nature. These ones, however, reside in hard-to-reach places. The Primeval Water Elemental, for example, resides on the bottom of the sea, beneath the polar icecaps of my game world. So really, they're good for quests, and PCs with a death wish...


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