January 7th, 2005


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Greetings to all;

I'm looking for some advice on a strange character idea I came up with.

I decided to make a character for a new campaign I'm going to play that is a complete tank type. Full plate and shield but the more I think about him the less I see him with a weapon. I kinda see him as using two shields for attack (*Shield expert allowing ac still). The idea is to use lots of spinning motions in combat, and use the having perhaps blades on the shields. After all the feats and masterworking of equipment a shield and plate combo can be reduced to a -2 check penalty (through 4 or 6 feats) so I don't see that as being too unreasonable especially since you can get up to a +3 dex bonus on the full plate (armor agility + armor focus).

Obviously this character isn't really going to be starting out quite like that but the idea is progress into that style which assuming the campaign takes the turns I'm thinking it will then thats the progression from his history to whats going to happen. Now originally when I see the shields on him in my mind, I'm thinking more light shields, but I'm not sure of the rules when it comes to using two shields. Would it be at all unreasonable to ask (for a home rule at least) to allow two light shields to function for the purposes of armor class as a heavy shield assuming the character has two weapon fighting? Of course as a last resort if I can't I could always just use two large shields to get the +2 ac anyways but stylistically for my character I'd prefer not to. Though the damage I could deal would be much greater the character isn't based around dealing damage as much as avoiding it.

Also to clarify the type of shield I'm not seeing the circular style shield in the book since thats only an example anyways, I'm thinking more shapewise like the Uraks of lord of the rings. And if the shields were placed beside each other it would be similar to having a large shield.

One of the reasons why I decided not to use a weapon is I used a home rule that we have to drop martial weapons prof to gain an extra feat towards shields to represent a different form of fighter training from the standard. I have that worked into my background as well (we also allow heavy armor or medium/heavy armors to be dropped for other feats for the dexterous fighters)

There is a combat type of shield in one of the books somewhere I don't have if I remember correctly. I think it was in the quintessential monk (assuming you could quints in your campaign) but I can't remember because it's been a long time since I've looked at them.

This is also a world where magical equipment isn't exactly the most common thing ever. they are more of a rarity...

Anyways any ideas/suggestions towards using dual shield fighting styles would be most helpful.

Disappointing RPG 'Personalities'

Has anyone else had some profoundly disappointing experiences meeting RPG personalities?

I've met a few now here and there or in passing, major and minor and the overwhelming majority have seemed to me to be disappointing or even aggravating in one way or another.

The attitude of high up Wizard's employees to fans at conventions has been recorded before (during the CCG height).
Kev Siembada is legendary for being a dick to freelancers and his ego, but actually seems vaguely personable when you meet him.
Justin Achilli is a total prick to a great deal of his fanbase, as are a couple of other White Wolf types/former White Wolf types.
GMS does some brilliant work but turns into godzilla at the drop of a hat.

Others are just... boring or disappointing.

Phil Masters is a decent chap and does good stuff but he sucks the life out of the room.
Marcus Rowland, heroic preserver of victoriana is the quintessential beardie.
Many people who work on these fantastic games and ideas seem dull and drained in person without a hint of their creative nature to look at them.

It's just... disappointing and crushing.

Anyone else had the same experience at cons or on forums/lists?

Do we create the monsters with our 'fandom'?

Has anyone had any universally positive experiences?

What about in further 'fandom' such as comics etc?

For example, I met Simon Bisley before and after he got famous, nice before, prick after.
Everyone has off days but...

Eh, I'm just wondering after recent con experiences and watching a few things erupt lately.

Shared experience stops one feeling alone :)

D&D and Golems

Hi everyone,

I'm just about to start a Forgotten Realms game, and I'll be playing a wizard (Halruaan I think). I should like him (eventually) to become a crafter of Golems/constructs. What I'm looking for is a prestige class to facilitate this. I've not found one in any of the Realms books I've looked through, but I dont have regular access to Dragon, so there might be something in there that I have missed.

If there is nothing dedicated to golems in particular, is there a magic item building class that might work instead?

If nothing like this exists, I'd like to design the class myself. So what would you like to see/think should be present in this prestige class?

Thanks everyone:)