December 29th, 2004


Request for Conversion Help: Wild Cards -> Mutants and Masterminds

If anyone on this list has a copy of GURPS Wild Cards, could you please email me off-list? I'm going to be starting a Mutants and Masterminds game, and one of the people who will be playing wants to create a character similar to Cap'n Trips. So I'm currently debating how to go about implementing a character like that in M&M, and want to see if the GURPS stats might be helpful. Thanks.

EDIT: Got the information I needed. Thanks to everyone who responded!

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Hi. Been lurking for a while - first post.

I have a character in a Stargate D20 campaign with about five other people. As most people know, it's a game with a military structure - there are ranks and whatnot. Anyway, one of the other PCs is our ranking officer, and my character is second in command. However...this other player rarely shows for the game, making my character for all intents and purposes the leader of this squad of quirky folks from all walks of life. Okay, fine.

The problem lies in this: What's the point of having this ranking system if the character doesn't get to, y'know, *lead* once in a while? How do you do that in RPGs that are essentially cooperative storytelling?

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