December 24th, 2004


You're The Evil Bastard!

Once again I'm plotting out ideas for an upcoming game, and so once again I turn to your collective brainpower in helping me make the game as cool as humanly possible.

So put on your evil hat, and do a bit of well, roleplaying.

You're a city magistrate in a psuedo venician fantasy city. For a while now you've been plotting a big evil plot at the behest of your evil mastermind boss. A trio of local magic users have done some nasty things (not to mention magic is generally feared and hated), at the behest of your evil mastermind boss. Now they're set to be tried and executed for witchcraft, so that your evil mastermind boss can steal their magic powers and make himself much more badass.

All is going smoothly until a group of strangers arrives in town. Foreigners, and obviously very powerful (they're flying a freaking airship! and rumor has it they're wanted by the big powerful empire on the other continent, and that they've kicked all kinds of ass since arriving in town, plus it appears at least a couple of them are magic users.) They've been seen snooping around the prison, and you suspect they will try to interfeer with your carefully laid evil plans.

Now, you don't have anything directly against these strangers, but clearly they need to be distracted/killed off/converted to your side/kicked out of town/something.

So evil city magistrate Borloch, what do you do?
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