December 16th, 2004

Any tips for recruiting gamers?

Hi all, I don't often post, but I read this board every now and then. I just relocated back to Northern New Jersey after living in Vermont for a year and a half. My friend and I are looking for roleplayers in this area who have already been roleplaying for a while. My problem is finding people who are experienced enough (it doesn't have to be hardcore experienced-it can be as simple as "I've been gaming for about two or three years"). What's the best way to find gamers of this sort? My friend and I have put up flyers in comic book/gaming shops (only a couple), and a couple of bookstores, but that's about it. We want to find as many gamers in this area as possible because he's creating a living campaign and wants this thing to spread. :) It's an awesome concept and he has approached me to help him out. Also, I just like gaming and want to find other people in this area who like gaming just as much. :) So...any ideas? *Thanks a bunch!*
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