December 13th, 2004


Aw Yeah.

I love it when players get a setting. When I as a GM have done a good enough job of creating a setting, of getting across the influences and genre of the chronicle, that the players are so in tune with it that they do things that are completely genre appropriate, with full knowledge that it might be bad down the line, but that it fits.

Case in point, the oft mentioned Savage Worlds game was this weekend. This game is very much in the style of the Final Fantasy games, the Star Wars Trilogy, etc. Lots of cinematic action, high melodrama, high romance, horror and coolness.

this session I introduced the Macguffin mentioned in my last post, (for those of you who care, it turns out the letter the PCs recieved last game had a secret code hidden in the text. Once they made a few smarts rolls they had a jumble of words, which included Compass, Strangers, Key and Save, among others. Then the compass itself showed up in the lair of the monsters they were hunting, but anyways...) and later in the same session, the PCs are attacked by Airship Pirates! (hoo yeah) After a rousing fight, the PCs win hands down (I should have given them more of a challenge, but victory is good for morale) and are left with the pirate captain, who's an airmage.

Now it's important that you know in this setting, if a mage dies without first passing their power on to someone, they turn into this horrible undead licheesque monstrosity. The PCs have fought these a couple of times, and knew they couldn't kill the mage captain.

And of course, in keeping with the genre, I made our pirate mage female, very attractive, ruthless and sexy.

After debating what to do, should they leave her stranded, try to force her to give up her powers, turn her over to the local law, etc; they decide to knock her out and take her with them.

After the game one of the players tells me he wants to try and woo the pirate mage. He wants to try and convince her to join their side and romance her.

This made me happy, because really, the bad guy who gets picked up by the good guys and then becomes a good guy is totally in genre.

Of course, the classic story arc for such a character should be: at the first major chance, she betrays our heroes, only to later betray the bad guy and save their ass in some major way.

But anyway, I just wanted to share.
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