December 12th, 2004

Looking for gritty realism...

A little bit of help, if I may be so bold to ask:

I have just recently fell in love with Rokugan, the setting for the Legend of the Five Rings universe. So much in fact, that I'm ready to abandon my Exalted ideas in order to run a L5R campaign, but I have one problem...

I do not know much about the original printings and rules of the game, but I do know that it has been reprinted using the D20 Oriental Adventures campaign books. However, D20 is not the feel I want for this game. I want grit. I want realism... and I want Iajutsu style 1-2 hit duels. This wouldn't be D20's strong points in my experience; it would default more to a character having dozens of HP and being able to take multiple swipes of a dai-katana before he fell.

Can anyone suggest a better system to sate my urge for deadliness? GURPS came to mind, but gah who wants to invest in that many books? Hero System maybe? Input please. :)
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Hello again, everyone. This time I have a question that the group here should definitely be able to answer. My senior project for school(I have a couple more years to go, but I want it to be a very good project, so I'm starting now) is going to be a comparison between the fantasy genre in literature and role playing games for the written part(I'm an English major), and for my creative part, I'm going to write a roleplaying game book(like D&D, WoD, etc). I was wondering if, for the written part, anyone could help me. I want to focus on what the top 5 roleplaying games are, in the opinion of gamers themselves. So if anyone wouldn't mind helping out, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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