December 11th, 2004

Penny Arcade Zombie sad

hello, yet another newbie arrives!

Hi, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Cliff, I'm relatively new to the roleplaying scene.(I say relatively because I've been RPing for about 2 years now, but thats a small number compared with some of the people I have read about here.)I've been doin the LJ thing since this past January. Mainly I play a pen & paper RPG with my friends back home(I'm a soph. in college right now)that is an offshoot from the Sailor Moon system(basic stats, not rules or anything), and we have created our own little universe with it. Also, I have played D&D(I think 3rd), and a session of Shadowrun, both of which are excellent games. I am currently trying to get a copy of Stellar Games "It Came From The Late Late Late Show" sourcebook, because I found the sheets at RPG It just looked liked so much fun. I run games occasionally, but I like playing more. I guess in future updates I could tell you guys stories of some of our games, as they do get pretty interesting, and funny, if any of you want to hear about them. Also, by accident, I bid on a copy of "the beast within," on eBay, and if I win, I suppose I'll get it. Maybe try to pawn it off somewhere unless it looks decent. If anyone is interested as well, I'm currently playing Animal Crossing(second time through) and I inadvertently got my girlfriend playing it, but it should make it more fun with her playing as well. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity of letting me clog up all of your friends pages, and I shall be off!
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