December 10th, 2004


Burnt Out


Nice to fins a roleplaying community. I,m new to all this live journal stuff, so Its taken ages for me to figure out how to post here (I have a low dex and no dots in celerity, and I promise not to make any more RP refrence gags! They've all been made allready.)

In order to get things going, I have a question for the roleplaying community and Its one I think we all experience somewhat from time to time. Burn out.

I,ve been running two games for my local grouo. A C2020 and a Standard DnD. I have no problems with my group, were all good friends and (shock! *Gasp!*) we even have a female gamer!!! (sorry If your female and a RPer, not offence intended but the statistics do support me) My DnD campaign has beengoing for 8 months now and things are going great.

Except, there not. Except...I,m BORED!!!sick of prep and paper work, rules and actuall just the entire buisness of running 2 games. Its hard work, I,m trying to hold down a full time job and college and the effort is too much. yest, I don't just want to give up. I want to play a bit, I want to stretch my RP legs in diffrent direction. maybe I want to play something else. Maybe I just want to put the whole thing on Hiatus for 6 months or so.

What do you reackon? Is there a cure? Or Am I doomed to hating the hobby I,ve loved for the last 10 years. Quick I need help! (or possible cheques and credit card numbers, but they are optional)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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