December 8th, 2004

coffee frog

Finally. Proof that Roleplaying has been a positive experience for me!

...even if only in a round-about way.

My job is Training Sergeant in an Army Reserve Unit. One of my tasks is to plan the schedule for the recruit course we run. I've never "Accountant-ed," but I imagine it is quite a similar process. Dividing the topics up, assigning checks to boxes, "spending" periods, keeping track of them all, etc.

However. I have played Rolemaster. For years I spent development points, bought skills of varying costs, kept track of things so my work could be checked by my superiors. As GM I ran through the process either roughly, producing "estimates" or in great detail, and I checked the work of my players.

It just struck me, as I sit here and write the 2005 Schedule, how similar the processes are, and how years of doing this for fun gives me a knack for this thing that has most groaning, holding their heads, and reaching for aspirin.

Thank you Roleplaying. And thank you Rolemaster. For making my job easier, I salute you!


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Hey... just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my post the other day about the differences between CRPGs and RPGS. I'm writing a paper on the topic and the responses were all very helpful. Thanks!!
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