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Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
10:27a - Help Me Introduce A Macguffin!
So I'm currently running a steampunk/fantasy game using Savage Worlds. I've blabbered on about it here a few times in the past. It's basically a giant epic heroic quest, with various bits stolen blatantly from the Final Fantasy games, the Iron Kingdoms and Neil Gaiman's American Gods.

Now, we've past the mid point of the campaign, and I'm going to run a big world spanning adventure, partly because the players want to visit the other continents (they've got an airship now), and partly to take a break from the general Fight The Big Evil Empire plot and allow our heroes to get a bit more bad ass.

Stealing a plot from an old 7th sea adventure, the plot revolves around a pair of ancient compasses, which point to eachother at all times, until they're joined together and then they point to the super cool temple of the ancients, which the compasses are also the key to. The PCs of course get one compass, and the bad guys get the other.

Thing is, during the last session I meant to introduce the compass, but I was very tired and unprepared and generally did a lame job GMing, and completely left the compass out! I was going to mention it in a letter that a very important all knowing NPC wrote before they died, and I completely forgot!

So now I need to figure out how to introduce that compass. The PCs are currently in a foreign nation, some of them working on new inventions, and some of them signing up with the local monster hunters for some extra cash and excitement.

So please, help me introduce that macguffin! Any ideas or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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GTA: San Andreas - A real gangsta R to the Pizzle to the G?

Character you control: Check Minus (you don't get to name him)
Other NPCs to interact with: Check Minus (You only get response choices occasionally)
Each play-through is unique: Check
Ability to roam around on your own and experience the world: Check, Check, Check!
Stats: Check
Skills: Check
Customization of your character: Check
Gaining skill through experience: Check
Save/Load Feature: Check
Side-Quests Abound: Check
Inventory & Item Acquisition: Check

This compares about evenly to FFX, except in GTA: San Andreas, you get more freedom to roam the world, far more side quests, a more fleshed out world, and a more unique experience every play-through.

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