December 3rd, 2004

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Weird GameWyrd Game Awards

Um. I suppose this might be a bit of a plug; apologies if you think so. It's an on topic post though.

> Which RPG companies and supplements rocked your world this year? In particular, who did what and why was it so special?

If you'll let me take it a stage further I'll talk about the Weird GameWyrd Game Awards which ban the word "b*st" and which ask this sort of question. Categories include the like of "The author most likely to be a caffeine powered robot" (which was won by Monte Cook last year), "The RPG or supplement most likely to amuse evil GMs" and "The most original RPG or supplement", etc. At GameWyrd I'm taking nominations (which will become short lists and therefore candidates to vote for in January.)

This community is a good, neutral, and importantly; diverse collection of gamers so I'm thinking I'll use suggestions here as deciders on any hung/equal nomination tallys at GameWyrd.