November 30th, 2004


Little Help with Christmas Shopping

Okay, I need some opinions as the online reviews I've been reading are confliciting. I'm thinking about getting In Nomine for my friend for Christmas. She's nuts over angels and demons -- she once told me that angels/demons and/or the Mafia would be the only way she would ever play/run a serious game -- and this seemed to be a game we could play together, as we have problems in the past gaming together (mostly because I tend to want to do serious plots, and she prefers silly humor.)

  • My friend is mostly an online roleplayer. The only tabletop game she found more interesting (and less complicated) than her Game Boy was BESM -- she rejected D&D3.0 and Palladium RIFTS within a session or two. She can GM and has a very flexible, fast-and-loose style with minimal combat. The system must fit this -- she has no objections to rolling dice (this is her favorite way for making up NPCs on thefly) as long as it'sclear when she needs to roll and for what.
  • I'm trying to lure this friend back in to tabletop gaming (she likes it, but has time pressures). Normally, she will devote an evening a week to it (especially if she can doodle webcomic frames while we play). However, a book that has nice setting information would be a nice bonus.

    Any other suggestions or advice would be lovely.
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Sharn Index v.1

I just completed a first-blush index to all the characters mentioned in Sharn, City of Towers. I don't like doing WotC's work for them, but I hate books I can't use even more. This is a Word document, with seven sort parameters (name, class, level, alignment, gender, affiliation, and page).

There are 241 entries, from Arand, Dala to Zotharr, Idol of Death.

If you want a copy, drop me email.


email problems.

If you sent me an email about the job call, I lost it along with all my emails stored on my computer as well as contact info.

I highly encourage all submissions be sent in accordance with the Submission Guidelines on the web site.

General rarrr


Hello!I've just joined this community and I already have a question.
1)I'd like to play a naiad as my new character but would anyone be able to tell me where I could find some info?
Any help would be greatly appreciated-thanks!
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