November 28th, 2004


Your Bent

It's interesting, I've played under a select few GM/storyteller types, been one myself for a long stint. If I looked at a transcript of their games, I could identify them in a moment by their playstyles and the types of characters they use.

There was the guy who always had his NPC's swoop in andsave the day at the expense of the PC's. There was the guy who fudged each and every roll to do what he wanted (good and bad) and there was the guy who went into enormous detail about some things while leaving very imporant details out altogether.

These are GM playstyles. Everybody has one. What I'm asking, more to the point, is what your personal genre and style is. Do you like high adventure and swashbuckling? Are you a person who likes deep plot movement and mystery? Do all your characters have funny accents? Do you like dungeon-crawling or tramping across the high plains? Modern-day techno-punk, tech-pop, grunge, etc?

I find that these types of personal proclivities overshadow even the genre in which a game is usually presented. For instance, a person fond of playing in Ye Olde Times might take a modern-day game out into the woods once or twice too often.

Personally, I like a setting where things are pretty desperate and there's a lot of running around. It's interesting to develop ties to NPC's, make alliances and such, but it's tiresome to keep up with and altogethr annoying when the players start bickering over whose loyal manservant spilled the coffee... really.

So what's your bent?

...and not a drop to drink.

Hey, all. Nice comm. I got some issues and questions.

I was just wondering if there was any sort of 'market' out there for a LJ/GJ-based Star Trek or Pern RPG? And I do mean a game that's character-centric and plot-driven. Translation: a smart soap opera where things that make sense actually happen.

LJ/GJ gaming's taken off like a rocket in these recent years and this ex-PBEMer is in love with the format, frankly. But it seems like unless you were a Harry Potter fan, there's nothing out there for you. I <3 HP like whoa, but a girl's gotta stretch her fandom legs, eh? Hopefully in the direction of dragons or spaceships.
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