November 11th, 2004

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A little while ago, I posted for some advice in dealing with a problem player. I thought I'd give a little update as to what has happened:

First off, thanks to everyone who replyed.

This is what happend, the GM emailed him to say that we don't mind moving to Wed. He did this a week or two ago. The PP (problem player) got back to the GM on Sunday to explain that he didn't have enough advanced notice to get off of work for yesterday. Because the GM had papers to grade, game was canceled anyway.

However, we did go to the GM's place for a quick visit and we got to talking. This is what was decided (with a 5-0 margin, with 2 abstaning cause they weren't there, including PP): From now on we will email the PP with the day that we are playing. If he can make it, great, if not too bad. Now this could mean that we could give him plenty of time, but more likely the email will go out at the start of the week. His character will be hired by the Mage's guild to sit in a dusty room and transcribe books (or something like that). For the big fight coming up, all he is needed to do is cast some defensive spells so it shouldn't be an issue that he isnt' actual there.

Because of Thanksgiving and other timing issues, we have decided to play this Sunday and then probably not again till December.

Again, thanks to all who replied.

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