November 9th, 2004


RPing Court Trials

In the next story in my Orpheus game, the PCs will be called in as special expert witness to the defense in a murder trial. (We're breaking new legal ground here, as the PCs get to testify that the defendant is guilty of murder because she was possessed by evil ghosts.)

So I was wondering if anyone had any advice on running a court case in a RPG?

First off, I think I'm going to have to go for a Law & Order type approach, where we fast forward through most of it and only pick up the interesting bits, because a murder trial could take months to play out, and at the typical day by day approach, that would take eons to finish.

Fortunately, the PCs aren't on trial, so we can just downtime all the times when they aren't there.

Anyway, does anyone have any other advice or stories or anecdotes or whatever about portraying the legal process in a game?

Gracias in advance.

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First of all, I apologize for this post being off topic. If the moderator should so choose, I would raise no argument to the deletion of this thread.

Okay, now to get to my main questions. Recently, I've been interested in the blurring of gender lines in roleplaying games or even solely for the creation of online identities. It's a given fact that male rpers often play female characters and especially the other way around, from what I've seen. So I suppose my main question is whether or not gender lines become blurred during roleplaying sessions? Can you tell, or does it even matter whether or not the person you roleplay with is a male or female? Is the roleplaying culture a male or female one? Most play by post rpgs I follow (I have participated in only one) are dominated by females. But on the other hand, a MUD in which I've played for close to three years now is predominantly male, both in character and in player. What I don't truly understand is why this would be the case. Similar functions, different mediums. And even beyond that, I have never played a table top rpg, and therefore have no idea or knowledge on how things work. Are people restricted to playing characters of their gender or is there at least a bias towards this?

And when things come to ic and ooc important is it when roleplaying online? I know that I've always been interested in becoming friends with not only the characters but the players. Does one generally find a roleplaying group in which there are already people they know? And if not, how eager are most people to form relationships with the players of characters they interact with? How important is ooc interaction? When you play with a person who has a character of a gender not their own, does that fact register during roleplaying sessions?

Sorry for being so long winded, but recently, I've found myself staring at a very thin line between ic and ooc interaction. And it's made me curious as to what the norm might be.