October 28th, 2004

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System Substitution!

Every so often I read an entry where a person runs a game set in one universe/genre, but use the rule system from another. I guess an example would be to run a Call of Cthulu game using AD&D 3rd edition rules.

So I have two questions:
1.) Have you done this?
2.) If so, why?


Okay, guys, I seriously need external playtesters for my upcoming game, Unsung.

You can download everything you need to play from here:


The files are PDFs, and they're just raw text, with no layout. Try to imagine the SIDEBAR bits are actually sidebars and skip over them during your first read-through. The final version will, of course, be layed out and have pretty pictures and everything.

Ignore the feedback questions at that URL. At this point, I want to know if an external group, one that does not include me, can successfully take the game, run it, and enjoy it. I know it works when I run it, but naturally it seems intuitive to me.

I will, of course, be available to answer questions and clarify things. Plus, any playtest group that gets back to me with serious feedback gets free print copies of the game when it comes out, of course.

Unsung, for those of you who don't know, is a game of morality under pressure. It's framed for mostly the "gritty cop show" genre, but it works equally well for a war story, or even a game surrounding faternity brothers.

Apologies in advance for anywhere you see this crossposted.
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