October 27th, 2004

RPG Profiling

I borrowed this concept from The Forge

Answer the following three questions in this thread:

What are the last three role-playing games you actually, really played?

What three role-playing games, out of all the one's youve played, have you enjoyed the most?

What three role-playing games that you have not played would you like to play the most?

The rules:
1) No freebies or extras, as in "Game X, Game Y, and.... Game Z and Game A. 3 and only 3 answers for each question.
2) Time is no object. If the last game you played was 10 years ago, then that was the last game you played.
3) If you've played a lot of one shots or convention demos - they count if you want to. Or if you wnat to skip 'em.
4) Don't comment on anyone's choices or anything until you've posted your own. That's a one-time rule for this thread.

edit: GMing counts as playing. The GM is just a particularly empowered player.

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When did most games convert to D20? Was it something that just happened gradually or did someone somewhere make a big decision about it that influenced a bunch of different gaming companies?