October 23rd, 2004

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For a paper I'm writing...
I want to say that role-playing games make up a (fill in the black with a dollar amount) industry. But I have no idea what to say. Multi-million? Billion dollar? Any idea where I would even find a figure like that? I'm specifically concerned with tabletop games. Thanks!
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Karma: 1 - Brandon the dickass CN character: 0


So tonight we got jumped and had to run away from...some dudes with big ass bows of DO 52 DAMAGE TO THE PALADIN IN A SINGLE HIT and several characters couldn't take that anyway and the rest wouldn't have taken that and the 2 hits to follow...so we ran.

Thennnnnnn, one of the PCs failed to escape (his speed was 20...the other dudes, I think they were some sort of trolls, moved 40).

We were retreating to our home town...and got stopped by a Black Dragon. We had apparently run from an army of evil and stuff. Brandon made a deal with the Black Dragon. Just as he was taking off and flicking me off and mocking my god, our characters from a previous game in this world, who were winning battle against entire army of evil (serious bad assage, and a few accompanying NPCs of similar high level, plus well developed tactics that frequently saw us get *s for experience) and annihilating the commanders, wandered into the scene. They saw a black dragon, and opened fire. A judicious use of Hunter's Mercy, Multishotting, Rapid-shotting, magic bows, and a couple spells saw the dragon fall. Through misfortune (re: karma) Brandon, who was in the Dragon's grasp, managed to take enough damage from the area of effect spells to put him in negative hit points. The fall, of course, killed him. I struggled not to laugh. Really I did. But I was so happy. It absolved me of any responsibility, and I even got to go, SEE, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE CONSORTED WITH 14 DRAGONS OVER THE COURSE OF A GAME YOU DICKASS MOTHER FUCKER! Well I didn't say the last bit out loud. But I thought it really loud. And it made me happy. Oh so happy, I FEEL WITTY, AND PRETTY, AND GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Tragically, with that, we called the game over because I would have been highest level by 3 over the next, about 8 over 2 new characters, and with the stuff we've been fighting lately, if he lowered the CR, I'd single handedly own encounters while taking no damage, if he kept it as it was, the enemies would accidentally kill half the party.

But I'm happy. Oh man it was so great.
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Need some input

Levkarest just opened today.  It's a Ravenloft chat being hosted by Exodus.  It opened a week earlier than anticipated so we are missing some information.  I could really use some help as far input goes on what people like, would like changed, etc...If you have a minute, please check it out.  I'm trying to spend this week getting all the kinks worked out :)