October 17th, 2004

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tonight's rpg, was alright... not especially eventful, not entirely boring. kiko spent the whole night shrunken down and in kaede's pocket... it was boring for HER.

kaede was grouped up with 4 folks who were trying to get inside this street gang to save the city from whatever they were concocting. well, we ended up going with them to this warehouse to steal some stuff for the gang's mission, and it turned into a slaughter of the folks who were working in the factory. my scrupulous character couldn't handle it.

at the end i was pretty annoyed that none of the other players (let alone their characters) seemed to give a rat's fart about 30 people being brutally killed in front of us and 20 more barely escaping with their lives after i begged our group leader to intervene.

after the things we were there to steal were loaded into the truck, my alignment (and personal disgust with the players at my table) forced me to sneak off and stay behind to try and save those people that were so horribly massacred for absolutely no reason at all.

so basically, right now it's me alone in a warehouse with 2 first aid kits and 30 people who are bleeding to death.

I. Hate. Chaotic. Neutral. And. D&D.

I don't remember if it was here, or the D&D community where the recent debates over Chaotic Neutral were raged. I'd like to add a personal note from my recent...several hours ago...experience. Our party consists of a Neutral Fighter, a Chaotic Neutral Sorc/Barbarian, my Lawful Good Paladin, and a Neutral Good fighter/barbarian that's some goat race from Savage Species.

Anyway, the Sorc/Barbarian has spent a ton of effort, and no end of problems with his alignment, and his ongoing quest to recreate his old half dragon character, oh I mean...become a half dragon/dragon disciple/something having to do with dragons.

So anyway, tonight we were leaving our home town to go seek out a blackguard to kill. On our way we ran into a green dragon. He was flying around and nailing us with his acid breath. I have no ranged weapons except a crossbow and some javelins, and he's high and it's basically a wasted effort because they're not magical and my dex is crap and he's massively high.

Anyway, Brandon - the Sorc/Barb - tried to placate the dragon. I had tried unsuccessfully to draw him off and get him to land so I could hit him with a lance charge with my holy lance and my spirited charge feat of pwnage. He didn't take the bait. Brandon tried to placate the dragon. I'm actually fine with that. We didn't have a snowball's chance in hell without him landing so we can fight him, so get him off us however. I'm also a liberal, pragmatic minded Paladin. However, Brandon offered, suggested, and agreed to kill a fellow party member, and did so. I immediately insisted that his alignment should shift to evil. Nobody else agreed. So when he got back, the surviving fighter told me what had happened, outside his presence. My intended course of action is to either kill him in his sleep, or call him out to settle it honorably. Honorably meaning I ride him down like the evil treacherous bastard that he is.

Am I justified in doing so? See, I'm fine with a lot. I'm not of the CHARGE ANY EVIL BECAUSE IT'S EVIL EVEN IF IT CAN TAKE YOU WITHOUT SNEEZING variety, and I don't expect the other PCs to be either. But I do have a very well defined line, and if people cross that line, I damn well don't take it. Killing PCs is so far across the line...oh man. And his justification was "I'm Chaotic Neutral" which I'm so totally fucking sick of hearing. Chaotic Neutral DAMN WELL doesn't mean you kill PCs, even to save your own life. That's bullshit. Agree? Disagree?
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Legends of Tianguo Session Update.

Just finished session 3 (or 4 if you include Char-gen) of my HeroQuest-in-not-quite-China-in-200AD game.

I'd post a proper session update, but so much happens in these sessions that every time I've tried I've ended up half-way finsihed, curled up under my computer trying to massage life back into my mangled digits. I'm not what one would call a typist.

I had real doubts about the game. I think China is an awesome spot for a game with little or no martial arts. But my friends are hardly sino-philes, far prefering Japan for asian-culture gaming. On top of that, I'm running with two men off the A team and a troika from the B team. The B team are great guys. They'll put up with rules changes, they trust me to try to create an environment where they'd have fun. But they're really happy killing people and pantsing them, making off with all their stuff.


So far things have been going swimmingly. The big battle scenes were a bit of a let down, I wasn't really doing my job as GM. But overall we're really starting to click. The questions are no longer rules (they've never used HeroQuest before, and it takes some getting used to) but about genre, about culture.

We've sailed on rivers, rode horses. We've fought. We've finagled, wheeled & dealed with powerful Ministers and Eunuchs. We've turned disaster and route into stunning coup and victory. And now we're crossing the Great Wall to find a sage living out past the northern Barbarians.

Moral of the story. Go out on a limb. Give it a try. It's only a game.

Hmmm. Next session. Dinosaur bones, a lost and forgotten monastery amid desert mountains. And a man who knows too much. Sounds like a start, anyway.

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Website Update

A few new things added to Tondropolis this week, including:

1) HELIOS, an American-run space station near Earth and the Moon forMutants and Masterminds, complete with space marines, fighter pilots, space interceptors, nuclear missiles and command personnel.

2) An update to the ongoing campaign log of my Eberron game, written by one of the players.

3) My own D&D PC, a 5th level mirror-magician.


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So hello, guys. I am a lurker turned member turned desperate answer seeker. I generally enjoy myself reading the posts on this community, so now I am putting myself further in debt by hoping you all might be able to help me out with a Collapse )

..So there's my situation. I have been trying to think of a reasonable way to knock off this merchant, but I'm having a tough time of coming up with anything plausible. Any input anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.