October 13th, 2004

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I have a favor to ask of some, or all of you. I am writing an argumentive and persuasive paper and the topic I've chosen are role-playing games. In the paper I want to accentuate the benevolent effects of Rping, ( excersising the imagination, building strong critical thinking skills, promoting group efforts, etc ) against what theories some religious zealots and overprotective parents have concocted. I'm having trouble finding sources.

Can anyone steer me in a direction toward periodicals, magazines or books that would provide me with research on this subject?

Thanks in advance.

Dark Ages: Fae

Ok, once I get my book mess straightened out, I'm definately going to be running this. WW told me basically sorry and tough luck, but Borders can order it. I'm just gonna buy it, wooty woo, and return the shit copy to another Border's with my receipt and get my money back. I'd feel guilty, except that I really don't.

Anyway, getting to the main point...my idea so far is this: The local area - and I'm thinking Germany, because I still have my notes from Western Civ and the fractured nature and random political changes and upheavals adds a nice backdrop - is ruled by a Winter Court firstborn. She's also a member of the Patrons. She's a militant, outspoken member of the Patrons, who believes they should enforce their policy by force. Her method of acheiving this is forcing her court members to breed with the local human population to get their numbers up. Then she plans to conquer neighboring domains peicemail. Yadda yadda yadda. I know the Winter Court hates Changelings, but she has the foresight to see that, if she and the Fae are to beat the humans back into submission, they can't do it without knowing how their enemy works. She isn't totally altruistic either; these Changelings will only live as long as they benefit her, and any who show the least bit of disobediance have a life expectancy measured in seconds once she finds out.

Anyway, of course one of her Lieutenants is actually a Summer Court spy. Somehow though, she is converted to the cause, and must act as a double agent. This is where the PCs come in. They either go along with and assist this whole plan, or they oppose it vehemently. Any Changelings may find themselves in precarious situations.

Anyway...does anybody have any suggestions, advice, other influences that I should consider, etc? I'm thinking of eliminating vampires entirely, or *perhaps* trying to get the players embroiled in the Tzimisce-Tremere conflict. I'm leaning towards the former to emphasize the primacy of the Fae though. I mean, the entire point of the story is for the Fae to reestablish their dominance, I don't know if a vampiric civil war (from their perspective) would add anything to that, except to demonstrate that humanity, and those derived from it, are a waste of time and effort.