October 11th, 2004

Please help me.

Ok. I got Dark Ages Vampire and Fae. I read through Vampire, yadda yadda, neat awesome etc. Then got to Fae, the one I really really wanted. I got to the Dominions chapter, and I was getting to the point of OMG THIS IS THE BESTEST GAME EVER YAYAYAYAYAY and then...half the chapter (maybe more, I honestly think it's more) is missing, as they reprinted pages 90 something through about 130. Did this happen to anybody else? I got it off amazon.com so what the fuck can I do? Needless to say, I'm *quite* pissed off about this. The book IS sold out, so I may very well be screwed on getting another copy. But I'm seriously pissed. Is there errata on the WW site that I can't find, or did I just have - predictably - the worst luck imaginable by anybody anywhere?
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