October 10th, 2004


What's your method. D+D rule adjudication.

"Do not award XP for creatures that enemies summon or otherwise add to their forces with magic powers."

As written this rule is awkward, I understand where it's coming from as a summon spell is not really much different to a fireball or whatever other spell. However as written it would suggest that constructs and many undead should never be worth XP; they do however make a bigger difference to an encounter than a single fireball (eg).

It also, if taken to it's obvious conclusion would suggest that anything the summoned or created creature kills gains XP for the creator/summoner. So logically a dungeon where the wizard lives could have 10 (example number, to make the point) stone golems, which have been killing intruders and possibly even being sent out to kill other creatures; thus giving the wizard XP while he sits around doing nothing except creating other golems when appropriate (in mechanic terms, when he's got the XP).

I'm guessing that most if not all of you only apply this rule sometimes, I'm just wondering what your personal versions are.

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kaede, the level 4 scrupulous good wujin mystic ninja, gets a radio alert while she is saving herself from an attacking mutant in the downtown area, near the former (and recently blown away) "nightshade" nightclub, former home of the blasters... a muderous street gang with undetermined, evil objectives. on her way to save doctor ito (whom she's coming to think of as "doctor idiot"), the bioengineering moron who can't seem to keep himself from getting into stupid lifethreatening situations, she stops by with kiko, the fire fox, and picks up the pervy monk and gorobe, the "businessman" with wicked mad fighting skills on her way to the beach from which the distress call was received.

upon the three of them arriving stealthily from behind the bridge, it is apparent that doctor ito has gotten himself blinded, massively wounded, physically incapacitated and trapped under the "death carpet", but has cast a shield spell about himself, so he is temporarily safe. sort of. additionally, a police car has, at some point, landed itself face down in the sand at the bottom of the hill, and a teenaged girl with a huge gun, a headwound and no hitpoints whatsoever is running directly at one of the six gigantic troll mages that doctor ito had previously decided he was going to handle alone, leaving her partner, a bizzare and mysterious taoist priest turned police officer, tethered and bleeding to death on the inside of the vehicle.

the pervy monk, gorobe and kaede concoct a plan to mortify the six oppenents so that they can have the benefit of confusion and surprise, if nothing else. from above the group, flying at breakneck speeds at the group on the back of the flying firefox, gorobe uses his mystic thunderclap at the exact same time that the monk casts his lightning flash down among the mages... at the same time kaede throws a smoke bomb into the center of the confusion and the three swoop down onto the mages as kaede knocks one over backwards with her manriki-gusari chain weapon, striking him directly in the eye. unfortunately she didn't realize that these were mp characters, so he is a little miffed at the distraction, but completely unhurt when he stands back up. on the way back to standing he wrenches the teenaged-girl-police-officer's gun out of her hands and smacks her upside the head with it. she is, for all purposes, out of the fight, not having landed a single bullet from her automatic weapon. thanks for nothing, stupid.

gorobe dives the 200 feet to the ground in front of one of the 3 mages who is not at all confused and overwhelmed by our entrance and, unhurt by the fall, whacks him in the head with his mp staff, splitting the monsters head open and sending him squealing into the sewers. three mages hurl their mp axes at the firefox as it makes a pass, and kiko is near-mortally damaged and almost falls to the ground with it's two passengers but quick-thinking kaede casts wujin invisibility on herself, the monk and kiko. the monk, in an act of extreme benevolence uncommon for his personality, heals kiko's wounds with his mystical powers. and the three descend on the remaining 5 mages, kaede with her bow drawn and firing 2 magic arrows into them. one is struck between the eyes and is blinded... he begins to stagger and run away, but he is intercepted by gorobe who wounds him almost mortally. the mage regains his sight enough to flee into the sewers. gorobe pursues and not only kills the mage he was following, but also the mage who fled previously.

FINALLY the dragon-hybrid-thing arrives and with an EXPLOSIVE entrance... screaming "FEAR ME, MORTALS, FOR I AM DEATH" in dragonese at the mages, he immediately decapitates one and knocks another to the ground with his tail cannon. gorobe emerges from the cave and casts a spell that engulfs the mages in a wind tornado of sand. they are temporarily blinded and horrified.

the mages, now having to work as a team to save their lives and out of complete desperation, cast a magic spell that causes them to be invisible. panic ruffles through the party members momentarily until kaede realizes that the wind storm would be an indicator of their location, since the sand would still not pass through them, but bounce off of them or slide around them. everyone stares closely into the storm, the dragon with his infrared vision targeted and locked on as he picks up a target... three of them, in fact. the party prepares to attack and destroy the mages.

and then the police show up. "EVERYBODY DROP YOUR WEAPONS" they shout through a megaphone. "DROP YOUR WEAPONS OR WE'LL OPEN FIRE".

knowing that the government officials can lay waste to this entire beach and everything on it, the fight ends. the 3 mages are dragged off for interrogation and the party members are left standing in the sand, angry that they didn't get to finish what they'd started. AGAIN.

oh yeah, and they saved doctor ito. whatever.

i do wish that don, our samurai, mike, our insane janitor and the other mike, our cyber ninja had been there. this fight kicked ASS and they SO deserved a part of it.