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Thursday, October 7th, 2004
if you're in the cincinnati area, check out this new store that i found yesterday in sharonville. it would be awesome if some people from livejournal showed up :) they have gaming almost every night of the week, and it's really just a great place inside.

Sunday - Dragonball Z - 12pm
Mondays - Open Open Gaming All Day
Tuesday - Dungeon and Dragon League -6 to Close
Wednesday - Warhammer 40k -6pm to Close
Warhammer Fantasy - 6pm to Close
Thursday - Board game night - 6pm to Close
Friday - Magic the Gathering - 5pm to Close
* Prizes given and Booster Draft follows.
Saturday - Yu-gi-oh - 11am - 3pm Tournament
Deck Building / Open Gaming / Demo's
* 6pm to close

website: http://www.theworldofhobbies.com

by the way, i don't have any connection with the store... i was just super, super impressed with the place and hope they do hugely well. i would love to see a huge group of people out there gaming and having a good time :)

if anyone does decide to check it out, my name is randi. say hi :)

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10:59p - Shadowrun 3e
I was absolutely astonished when I saw BattleTech in Borders the other day. Doubly so when I saw the WizKids logo on it. I was aware someone was reprinting FASA stuff, but I hadn't heard about that one... still, something about seeing that made me curious about the other FASA games, ones I'd never looked at before. I looked a shelf down, and sure enough, they also had the WK/FanPro version of Shadowrun.

This is my first introduction to the shadowrun setting, and I really like it- the setting. But not the mechanics.

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