September 27th, 2004


Good Endings.

Well, a two-year AD&D tabletop campaign came to a close tonight. It would have gone on longer, but our DM is moving to another continent next month, so we kind of had to wrap it up.

Our characters started at age 18 and first-level, and we followed them through over 10 years of their lives, up to high levels of experience. As sad as I am to see an enjoyable campaign come to a close, I think one of my favourite parts of a long-term campaign is the "chewing the fat" after the game ends. I always find it very satisfying to go over what our characters would do after the fact -- where they would likely end up, what they'd wind up doing, whether they'd stay in touch with each other, etc.

I think that is what makes a campaign satisfying, more than "winning" and fulfilling the prophesy or whatever. Nothing is more irritating than a campaign that gets put on "hiatus" and never gets ressurrected. I like closure.

All in all, a very excellent campaign. Very fun. I'm happy.
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