September 21st, 2004

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Fantasy Tropes

Okay. So the fact that the innkeeper knows about the kobolds' password has always bothered me. And Elves who mostly have left. And Dwarves whose cities are overrun by goblins and stuff. And endless dungeons speckling the ground.


In the last little while I've been reading a lot of stuff involving people hacking on fantasy tropes. And I realized something.

I love many fantasy tropes!

I love:
- The Dark Lord Awaking.
- The heroes are plucked from their work-a-day normal lives.
- The forces of good are scattered, unorganized, and are too busy with acrimonious accusations and bitter betrayals to show up where and when it counts.
- Ancient treasures/cities/spells that we covet but do not understand.

All this stuff rocks.

Darn. I guess it's time for me to quit. (sigh).

Which of the fantasy tropes do you like? Hate?

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Well i caved and bought Adventure! today... not the crappy d20 version either, but the Storyteller version. I'd been meaning to get it since it first came out and kept putting it off and then they made the d20 version and the copy that had been at the bookstore since it came out mysteriously dissappeared. I have Aberrant and Trinity, so i might as well complete the trilogy. But after seeing Sky Captain and the World of Tommarrow the other day, it really got me fired up for the genre, so i looked on ebay and bought a copy.

I've heard nothing but good things about this game and frankly i'm amazed i hadn't bought it sooner. Now i just have to wait for it to arrive

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OK, so I was responding to a post by Doug aka waiwode in his fantasy trope likes/hates topic when I got a great campaign idea that I don't have time to run.

His response to my "Like" of Medieval Magocracies:

Glantri. I always liked the idea. Strangely, it was my second least favourite Gazeteer in the series. And Karameikos was always my favourite.


My typically rambling reply (procrastination, you see, needs to fill time as efficiently as possible):

Two things:

1) Secret powerful wizard cult! Why would powerful wizards join a secret cult? Because it's secret! That, and the power of The Radiance. The concept was hokey, but you could have changed what the Radiance was and it would have been cooler. And the secret wizard cult was hidden deep in the structure of the nobles who ruled the principalities, drawing them to the city of Glantri - the focal point of all the cool stuff that happened.

2) Wizards rule. That means they oppress the peasants! That means that wizards are no longer extra-juridical knowledge workers, but instead fireball-weilding bureaucrats and functionaries. Everybody who has any say in anything has a decent INT score! What that meant to me was that there weren't itinerant wizards just roaming around willy nilly. They were all *connected*. I always wanted wizards to have their own "better than the rest of you" club, and they had it in Glantri. With a creepy cult on top of it! (beneath it, technically...) Of course, then there was secret infighting a la renaissance Italy. That made it even cooler.

(here's the part where it hits me): Holy shit! It was D&D meets Over The Edge! I just realized that... Glantri City = Al Amarja. Suddenly you have a really cool game.

Dude... I love running games designed for one system/setting in an entirely different system/setting. I bet I could dig out my old Gazateer of Glantri and get a copy of Over The Edge and just adapt the adventure hooks in the former (and maybe look for modules... ooh... so good...) to the latter. Hmm... This'll push that thesis thing back a few more months if I don't stop here.

So... Anyone want a free campaign idea?

Requirements: Must enjoy avant-garde games AND old-skool D&D. Creativity a plus. Good players a must. Minimum 2 years GMing experience recommended. I will mail the first person who agrees to run this idea with their group a copy of my Glantri stuff, if they need it (and if I can find it) but in exchange they have to post session summaries on this community!
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