September 19th, 2004

Passive Voice
  • kurosau


For a long while, I've been operating under the assumption that a heavily rules oriented play style (gamist for those of you familiar with the GNS model), someone that would be considered a roll-player or a powergamer under different circles, is still a completely valid style for an RPG gameplayer.

Our recent conversations about CRPGs and their off-topic-worthiness has raised the question in my mind as to whether or not such (to use extremely simplified) hack-n-slash gameplay is actually inherent to roleplaying. If we assume that CRPGs are not roleplaying, then does that not suggest that the gameplay we apply to them (again, gamist, rules oriented) is not necessarily a native RPG gameplay style?

Added Note: Keep in mind that I've vastly oversimplified stuff like GNS, and also viewed it through my own lens of gameplay. Ron Edwards defines Gamist as revolving around competition, and for some reason that means I generalize it as a more rules oriented gameplay.