September 16th, 2004


Well, I've been reading through the Prime Base book for Morrow Project, and I've decided I really, really, REALLY, REALLY want to run it. Tragically, a new edition is coming out this winter. Not sure what this will entail, I'm hoping they either keep the basics of the system, or make it simple to transfer characters over. We'll see.

Anyway, some background on MP for those with no idea...the cream of humanity was chosen, those possessing both intelligence, compassion, and ultimately a dedication to the survival of the human race. Long story short, they saw the future, it was a nuclear war, they stashed these people around to help rebuild with a base to operate this from. About 5 years after the war, they were to awaken the teams from sleeping, and they would coordinate from a Prime Base. Of course, Prime Base got wiped out unexpectedly with no time to awaken the teams. So, 150 years AFTER the rebuilding was supposed to start, a computer has started randomly waking these teams of operatives. Of course the situation they had planned for is FUBAR, but they must still go about attempting to rebuild. None of them, for security reasons, knew where this Prime Base was, but it's the dream of every team to find it.

So basically my idea is thus...Recon team, with a few NPCs for support, and in the event of character death, run them through some encounters with some religious zealots, and other people who have taken good too far, and force them to do what they think is right. This in itself could fuel an entire chronicle, but I think they'll discover that another team had discovered the location of Prime Base. This team felt that the zealots murder of heretics was wrong however, and told them so. So the zealots killed them. The team left behind some coded message that MP members would understand, but the zealots would not, and the PC team discovers this information. Of course, they're left with the tough decision - seek out the promised land, the holy land, the garden of eden, or lose valuable time and try to do the right thing here. Again, this little bit could fuel an entire chronicle, but either way I'll try and speed things along and get to Prime Base, having a great idea how they'll react to certain things by this time.

I'm going to make the PCs fill out a background survery type thing *before* they make their characters. Every MP member has a degree, so I may even include what college they went to and what degree they had before they even know what game it is. This way, character creation will be speedy, as they can simply fill in as necessary, and power gaming, almost a non-issue in MP anyway, won't be an issue.

Anyway all of this leads me to a bit of a dilema. The members were picked for compassion and education. I hate rail roading PCs and telling them how to play, but at the same time, there *is* a fixed personality type they're drawn from. How do I politely explain this before play with the greatest chance of making the PCs see what I mean, without making it look like I'm telling them how to play? This isn't to say they're to throw away their lives for one innocent person - such runs contradictory to the survival interests of the Project as a whole, and yet at the same time is something many Project members would do - but they do have to have a compassionate, merciful, helpful side to them, or it makes no sense.