September 15th, 2004

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Furry-ous 7th Sea

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So I volunteered to/got talked into run a couple of 7th Sea events at Midwest Furfest this November. This despite not being a Furry myself.

Anyway, I'm only making a few minor changes, but I'm not sure about how far to go with the most basic one:


I've already decided on Avian, Small Mammal, Reptilian, Canine/Lupine, Feline, Ursine, Mustilidae, and Ungulates. If I leave it at that, and don't make any real system changes (beyond letting the Avians and bats fly), I can. But it doesn't quite feel right. I'd like to give each one a bonus Trait (R&K system), but 1) I'm not quite sure which ones should get which, and 2) I'd then like to increase my list of species to 10, so that I have two species reciving bonuses for each trait.

Anybody out here help me with some advice on this?
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seiffer66's post got me to to thinking about this question.

Personally, I think about the only thing video game RPGs and tabletop/live action/etc RPGs have in common are the fact that you have characters with stats. But it's enough of a gray area that I figured I'd kick it out to the community:

Do you think posts about CRPGs should be off topic? Specifically, what value do they have to the community at large. Not only to other players of the game, but will people who don't play CRPGs at all get anything out of them? How much "roleplaying" actually goes on in games like Baldur's Gate.

My personal opinion is that they should be off topic. As I said - games like Diablo are given the categorization "RPG" simply because they have stats in them. I don't think the fundamentally solo act of sitting at a PC playing an RPG has very much in common with the social act of roleplaying.

Regardless of what we decide, posts looking for other players for your NWN game, or for people to group with in EQ or whatever are verboten.


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I thought I should post something on this, since it does have a little something to do with roleplaying, although not of the pen and paper type.
Anyone out there pick up Fable yesterday?
I did, and although I was only able to play it for 2-3 hours ( damn classes! ) I thoroughly enjoy it so far. Anyone who has an Xbox and hasn't picked up this title ( assuming those of you who do play console games are RPG fans )should definitely look into it.
I've never been a fan of Menu-run RPG's ( a la Final Fantasy ) so the action oriented combat of the game is enjoyable for me.

An hour or two in the game, I learned the folly of using the Spell "Force Push" and all its Area of Effect greatness around villagers, even in a hostile environment. Bad alignment shifts galore... which was a pain since I'm striving for Hero the first play through. Tyrant is reserved for next time. ;)

Also, I know this has been mentioned before, in reviews and such.. but I picked up the World of Darkness Core book. I didn't want to pass up the sale price. If my memory serves me correctly, I paid $15.96 after tax for it. Im actually thinking of just using these rules for my earlier mentioned Hunter game, with the exclusion of Edges. If anyone remembers, I also mentioned running a game I call Mythstalkers, the investigation of supernatural or otherworldly happenstance, and I was thinking I could use this system as well. ( Instead of GURPS ) Thoughts?
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

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Hey guys, I have a request and since it has to do with rpg I thought this would be a great community to ask for it in. Since you guys are into this and possible have been where I am now..

But this is actually a request for some help on a concept that has been driving me crazy. I recently started playing City of Heroes pc game where you build your own super heroand I have been trying to develop my super heroes character's orgin story. I have a basic concept but really don't know where to take it or develop it.

My character is female, around 19 yrs old , named Feeorin. She is a mind controller primarily and her secondary power has kinetic abilities such as transfusion of powers, siphon powers , absorbs pain and such. And the orgin of these powers is magic, so she gets the powers some how through magic or the super natural.

This is the concept:
her parents were more like shadows, like wisps of memory locked away that only came to the forefront in times of anger and fear when her power was at its peak.

I know that's not much but I could post all the crap ideas I had but it would be pointless because I hate them.

It does not have to be very long, just a brief synaposis of how she came about having these powers and why she decided to fight for good over evil(maybe like 3 or 4 paragraphs. Anyone willing to help me develop this concept? Full credit of the writing will be given to you of course.

I have did my other 3 characters and I am not sure why this character is throwing me for a loop. I guess because she was my first one I built in the game and everything has to be perfect.

Email me at if you need more details

Also if you are looking for a good rpg online pc game City of Heroes is it.

Fuming Or Why bother?

Over recent months I have come to ask myself on question.

Why Do I bother?

This is refering to Gaming. No one ever seems to except my style or opinions on games. I get frustrated as both a player and DM. Why? This is one of my loves and yet it just feeds my anger.

Recently I joined a VtM LRP and have found it enjoyable and I don't know why. Unfortunatly My time with them is up and I just wonder "What should I do?"

See you in the Tent
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Hello, I and a friend have finally worked our way around some crazy school policy banning games of this kinda, and have officially established what we hope will be a successful role playing club. I have come here asking for ideas as to the rules that need to be set down, especially for some of the newcomers. I've established things such as: attendance is vital, try to maintain serious roleplaying, etc, but just dont want to be blindsided by something i didnt think of. Thanks for your input.