September 6th, 2004


The springboarding continues....

Something I missed in silentclarity's last post. After reading my reply, it seemed a bit off of the original topic, so I'm posting it here:

The premise behind System Does Matter is simple: wouldn't it just be better to have a system designed to support the mode of play you're looking for? That way instead of spending however many mental cycles retrofitting and house ruling D20, you can just get on with playing and enjoying yourself.

I'll agree with this in part. However, many of us are no longer using D&D/d20 "out of the box." We've played it for a few years now, are familiar with the general precepts, and hence it has acquired a kind of inertia. If I want to switch to a new, "more appropriate" system, I need to learn its rules, and that might take more time and mental cycles than tweaking what I already know.

I think that most (if not all) systems have this inflexibility to some degree. It really boils down to individual priorities. Some of us want the genre-specific rules, assuming that they will make for a smoother game. Others like the broader range of systems like d20 (or GURPS, or the old World of Darkness, I'd probably toss Rifts into this category as well) and only needing to readjust some of the rules from game to game.