August 25th, 2004

New Store/ Pulp Fiction Comics & Games is almost open!!!

Back home from GenCon and the Chicago ComicCon/ Wizard World. Feels like I haven't truly been home for a few weeks... Fortunately, my time was spent having a lot of fun taking a look at all of the new stuff both comics and gaming-wise at the two conventions. Not to mention, picking up as much free swag as possible from any and every company I could pimp myself out to! I should have quite a bit to throw at everyone over the next month or so!

Hard to believe that it's just t-minus 6 days and counting! I still have a tremendous amount of work to do but I am nearing the finish line! The place should be finished tomorrow morning assuming the carpenter finishes the work tonight as promised. Doesn't give me a whole lot of time to go around and take care of the last minute details but I suppose thats just the way it has to be. I tell you what, this has had to be the most trying ordeal ever in my life in regards to getting this thing open. As of today and the few more curveballs that were thrown at me, I think I have successfully navigated through major problems with every single facet/company/vendor you can think of in getting the store open. While it has given me few gray hairs in the process, I can happily say that every single time things have eventually worked out. Maybe sometime after opening I will share with you all all of the msihaps that have occured. There are indeed a lot of them!

Time to close this thing off but I thought I would leave you all with another batch of pictures past the LJ Cut. Next time, all of the pics should be of the store on it's first day of being open! Also, be sure to write down (816) 554.7333 if you haven't already. That's where you will be able to catch me for the foreseeable future!

For those curious who haven't seen the transitions the store has been going through yet...

In the beginning...
Stage 2...

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Is anyone here familiar with the original system used to play Deadlands? I'm a bit late on the whole Deadlands thing; but have decided these are the types of games I want to run. I know there is a D20 version released, and I'm familiar with D20... but I'd like to know if it's a better idea in most people's opinions to use the original rules.
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I'm participating in a Roleplaying campaign of my friends is running that is in a system of his own creation, I play it every day for about half an hour as we don't have any time to play anywhere else. It's a d6 and has many ties to DnD but is very original, I'm having a lot of fun with it and I keep telling him that with the proper resources he could probably market it.

Star Wars - d6 System

Does anyone have copies of the original Star Wars d6 system on .pdf or know where i could get them? None of the RPG shops in my area have them (nor the d20 system) and there doesn't seem to be any on eBay either...

I did have copies of them in a box in the attic, but they got rain damaged when my roof leaked and are useless now :(

My group fancy trying something different for a change to the normal systems we play, and we thought this would be worth a try.

Can anyone help?
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Cool... Not Cool

My gosh. It's been two years since I updated the roleplaying list of Cool... Not Cool!. I just updated it today. I'd like post the news as an actual news piece on my front page but, the thing is, I only added 1 new combination.

Can anyone else think of any "Cool... Not Cool" combinations from the roleplaying world? I reckon if I get two or three more I can run with this. I think there are quite a few knock off Cool... Not Cool lists/emails going around these days too (I don't mind, probably a few people had the idea at the same time) but perhaps there are some new entries on those?

Credits can be linked to your LJ if you fancy.

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Im thinking of running a game, a different type of game than most of my usual players expect. I was thinking of calling it "Mythstalkers" after an obscure Image title of the same name. Here, the characters will be investigators of supernatural and legendary entities. I am going for a more investigative feel as opposed to a bullets flying gung-ho John Wu type theme. So the characters will most likely be scientists, investigators, ( and perhaps a military spec just in case, no sense in being ill-prepared )

Also I'm running this game for fun, so there will be nearly no continuity in the games. Each session will represent one "episode" where the players research, track, and eliminate/capture/rescue the subject.

Im sure someone has done something of the sort before, if any one here has, how did it go? Did your players find the EXP and in-game valour acceptible rewards as opposed to Breeches of Fireblast and vasts amounts of gold coins? ( This is something I'm worried about. )

Im thinking, this will be fun due to the near limitless subjects out there, the loads and loads of foreign locations and the research necessary to run the games.
The idea for my "pilot" episode is Strange Death Occurences In Rural Mexico.

Where to look?

I'm in need of some fresh blood at my table and have had a beat time finding people in my area. Anyone have any good links to where I could find some people in Maryland? Most of the time, everyone is in DC or North VA which is 1-2 hours away. While some will drive that much for a game, I'm prefer to get people closer. I mean, Baltimore is a fricken major city. You'd think this would be a bit easier.

Any ideas? Specifically, some resources that have worked well for you?

Edit:I guess i should expand on this.

BoB is already tapped for people who I can game with. This is more my fault than not. I used to actually be a part of that, but I have since learned to loathe OWBN. It's nothing but drama digging people who do little but power game. The few that actually roleplay well are usually either jaded by the experience or too busy banging their heads against the One-World wall to do a different game. It is a frustrating way to play a game, and I refuse to spend 5 dollars to give myself an ulcer. A few of my friends have actually been burned out from role playing due to Vampire LARPS, BoB in particular.

I already have two players from there anyway.

The local game stores are pathetic, but I have tried them. Unfortunately, the experience led me to create the first rule of my table: You have to bathe at least once every two days. I don't think I have to expand on that. Or want to.

If I had people who I wanted to get to play RPGs, I would have already taught them. I've been gaming starting with D&D/AD&D 1st edition. Half of my "gamer" friends, I taught the game. Unfortunately, well... fortunately in many ways, many of my friends are all in 1-4 games of their own. Out of 30+ perspectives, only 1 has the time AND the passion for Star Wars. :/ I mean, even my wife games! I'm the type who looks for people who really want to play the game at hand. I don't think it is fun for anyone to get a person into a game that they are only half interested in. I mean, I'm open to people trying new things, but if you hate Star Wars or the genre in question, then you're not going to have any fun, right?

Lastly, I have a post under Players Seeking Players in ENWorld; I have been a member for since it was Eric Noah's board. It is a great and wonderful board for many many things RPG related, but VERY sparse when looking for gamers it seems, as my continued bumps to my thread have garnered no response.

I know it sounds like I'm shooting it all down and making this difficult, but the reason I posted is because I've tried many of the normal routes... so far, all the routes proposed. Thank you for all of your input though, hopefully they will help others, since they are kind of universal and not MD specific (One World By Night has chapters almost everywhere... you can probably find a Vampire LARP near you). Any others? Please?
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