August 21st, 2004

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Ghosts of Albion

I loved the story the Amber Benson did for the website. And it looks like it will make for a good game. I like the cinematic magic system, and it makes perfect sense as a Unisystem game. Wish I could say more about it, but the book is still being done. I got to talk to the writer briefly, and he has a passion for the sourse material. It is being published by Eden Studios, and is expected sometime fall 2004.

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Community Comics anyone?

lee_in_limbo introduced me to a commuity called tag_team_comic

I read the community as each member takes their turn creating the next frame in the comic.

This is a variation on a little game we played back in our college days (ok, they were in college) called Community Comics.

I am thinking of starting a community comic lj community, and wondered if anyone would be interested in participating. People would be welcome to lurk and watch the comic evolve, but approved members would be required to take turns filling in their spot. The comic evolves as each member adds their bit.

Should we get a lot of response, multiple comics may be generated at the same time by smaller groups within the community. (different themes/styles etc)

I figured I would post some basic rules to give you an idea about what would be required.

You can only control one character in the comic, and it must be of your own design.

You can only draw your own character. You can draw backgrounds and props and other scenery.

You cannot make someone else's character do or say anything. Just your own.

Each person would be required to print the current comic, add their part, scan it, and repost for the next player. (or digitally import their scanned portion or digitally created element to the page if they dont have the hardware)

Obviously there are some hardware requirements.

So? Is this something anyone thinks they would have fun with?

Reply here if you have any questions, or if you are into something like this!

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