August 18th, 2004

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dice rolling conventions, not "convention" in the "let's get a bunch of people together at one location to do stuff of a particular theme" sense but more like "as an accepted standard system of doing things". i was curious: what cool dice rolling conventions do you all like that's different than the standard roll X number of dice, add up values and compare them to a set number (usually a difficulty)?

i'll start things off by mentioning the ones i like and why:
in nomine : the d666
since it's a game of angels and demons (not the dan brown book, no), having the number 666 factor in is pretty apropos. what happens is you roll 3d6. two of the d6s are added together to come up with a sum to compare to the difficulty. the remaining d6 is the check digit - the degree of success or failure for that task check. what's more, depending on what side of the War you're on, there are special Intervention rolls: there's, of course, the number of the beast (rolling 6s on all 3 dice) and the Holy Trinity (roll all 1s). each one could spell out a divine or infernal intervention which, in game turns, is equivalent to a critical success or critical botch (again, depending on which team you play for).

feng shui : the open roll
in feng shui, doing skill checks requires rolling 2d6, two dice of differing colors. one represents a positive number while the other represents a negative. these two are summed up (with the result being positive or negative) and added to the player character's stat (+skill) and then compared to a difficulty. the amount over the difficulty value (the outcome) and figures into such things like additional damage inflicted. what's more, for every 6 that's rolled (positive or negative), the die is rolled again, adding to the original value by that amount (this can theoretically go on forever, resulting in insanely high or insanely low numbers). should two 6s be rolled (boxcars), the dice are rerolled. should this second roll result in a success, it becomes a critical success.. some GMs rule that botched rolls after boxcars result in critical botches as well.
now what i like about both these systems is the fact that, on a meta-level, there's this extra element of excitement; the dice rolling mechanism itself becomes more harrowing a thing for the tabletop gamer to do. i mean, this could easily be done by, say, announcing that any natural 20s rolled on a d20 is a critical success automatically and any 1s are auto failures.. but somehow it's just not the same. maybe it's just me, but i think it beats the regular garden variety dice conventions.

comments? ideas? donuts?
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Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure if I have ever posted here or not. I have a shocking memory, just FULL of holes.

I've been roleplaying for ..hmmm... maybe 16 years or so. It's been mostly D&D, some GURPS and random other stuff. I've been lucky enough to marry a really fine GM who has been very encouraging to me in my efforts to learn to Game master. To date I have only run a few campaigns but the players seemed to really enjoy them for the most part.

Currently I am running a one on one game (we have moved to the middle of NOWHERE) for just my husband. It's a forgotten Realms game set in the Unapproachable East. Since I am still learning as I go, I like to keep my players a bit off balance, so I have had him origionate in Cormyr and he has washed up on the shores of... the great dale, is it? (we just started this past weekend) after a shipwreck. My problem is this; I haven't been able to find much info on specific towns... the UE book is great as far as it goes, but is there a module anyone can reccomend? I just need one for backround info/maps etc.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.
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GenCon Report: So far so good

Well, here we are, safely ensconced in out GenCon hotel room, checked in and all. it was an eleven hour drive, but we made it smoothly. That 3am departure time was a killer though.

GM checkin did not open until 5pm, which confused me a bit. When I got back at 5:00, I stood in line rather a long time to be handed a timesheet and four generic envelopes. Perhaps, if they're not even going to give anything specific to us (like a list of our games' locations and whether they're full or not rather than making us look it all up on our own in the tiny tiny reg book text), they could just email GMs a pdf of the time card or something and let us print out our own. It's rather a waste of time to stand in line for just that.

In the course of checking out my game locations, I noticed what must be a typo in the room, so that'll take sorting out. At least, I don't think they meant to put a tabletop game in the middle of a CCG room, and that room number is a mere one digit off from a tabletop room.

We hit dinner at the Steak & Shake, reading over the reg book. ellindsey was rather boggled at the amount and breadth of offerings. GenCon is a big con. Really, really big. It's why I like it so much.

Lucky us, we're at the hotel with the Starbucks in the lobby (hint to GenCon attendees, try to hit the hotel Starbucks rather than the one in the convention center. It's got a larger selection, longer hours, and smarter employees. At least, such was the case last year.

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Has anyone else here read the Exalted Player's Guide?

Could you figure out what Dreaming Pearal Courtesan Style was good for? I mean, apart from looking really cool and giving persistant Social bonuses? Do all those fluttering props give you a mechanical bonus, or just help with stunts?

Also, if you play Exalted and havn't picked up the Player's Guide, I would consider doing so. The God-Blooded section is just really fucking cool. I especially like the chapter intro fiction and the bit about Rabbit. Yup, currently trying to understand some of what makes God-Blooded so cool. Maybe I should read some more Classical mythology.