August 7th, 2004


World hopping...

I'm just wondering if my every other friday gaming group is the only group out there who does this. We don't even really have character sheets anymore, since we kind of just pick up the game and move on to a different world at random points. When we get bored with a world as players, we'll hijack the game from the GM and move on.

Am I the only one who likes to RP this way? I'd really like to know....

Random Hit Points?

My soon-to-be DM wisely pointed out that in the various incarnations of D&D, your character's hit points are the only aspect that is randomized (we use the point-buying system for primary stats). I recall this being the case in some other systems as well. In any game with even a moderate amount of combat, your HP total can make or break the whole game, so it seems somewhat strange to leave it up to chance. I kind of see his point.

His proposed solution is to give a set amount of HP per level (full HP at first, half of your hit-die rounded up thereafter, plus CON modifier). While this certainly solves the problem, I think some customization would be nice. My idea would be to let the characters spend skill points for HP. Some possible variations (not necessarily exclusive):

  • Use a fixed "base amount" per level, or keep the random roll and use that as the base amount?

  • Allow players to buy more than their HD per level (I'm inclined to say no because of game balance issues)?

  • Use different conversion rates for different classes? For example, fighter-types get an even trade, where wizards might need to spend 2 or 3 skill points per hit point.

Any thoughts on this?